Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chancellor Hotel Particpiates in Earth Hour San Francisco

Here is a little introduction copied from their web site:
Earth Hour by the Bay was a huge success, showing once again that San Francisco is a national leader when it comes to protecting the environment and speaking out for change.
Millions of people around the world, from Australia to Uzbekistan, Indonesia to Canada "turned out" for this global event, and San Francisco was among the cities leading the way.
From individual homes to major landmarks, schools to city buildings, San Franciscans spoke with one voice and made it clear that the time is now to reduce our energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions and make an ongoing, worldwide commitment to fight climate change.
World Wildlife Fund is proud to have had the involvement and support of so many public officials, famous places, individuals and families, and major corporations – all of whom helped make Earth Hour a global success.
The impact of this call for change will be felt worldwide.
Visit to find out what you can do throughout the year to fight climate change, and check back to soon for details on Earth Hour 2009
Here are some pictures from the Chancellor's participation:
Before and during Earth Hour
The Chancellor from across the street - looks dark.
Rory and Steve ready for the check-ins without lights
We're just standing around in the dark. Nobody is coming in. Do they think we closed?
Finally, some work to do...Rory taking a guest request for Matt, the Bellman and Steve is providing a little extra light. Good Job, Steve.
Susan at the Tour Desk was still booking tours in the dark.

It was a fun time for the hour. Guests walked in and were taken aback, but then often said "Oh yeah, the one hour of darkness thing" The bar still served drinks and business was still carried on, but we helped provide a little bit of a reminder that energy and global climate change should be on our minds.

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see that you had your business participate in this event. I will be a customer at the Chancellor this weekend and look forward to it!