Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chancellor Staff Participates in the California Hotel & Lodging Association's Legislative Awareness Summit

On April 2nd, the California Hotel & Lodging Association held its 7th Annual Legislative Awareness Summit in Sacramento. The Summit is held to educate hoteliers on the important legislative issues and what the people in Sacramento are doing that affects the hotel industry.

This was one of the slides that I really thought made the point about the whole event.

The Chancellor Hotel participated in the event and here are some pictures from that day.
Yuko, Rick and Ollie Getting ready for the Legislative Awareness Summit

Rick and Ollie paying close attention to the budget analyst - it wasn't good news

Darla, Ollie and Yuko with the State Police Guard outside Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's office

Left-Everyone in front of the State Capital in Sacramento
Right- The Senate Chambers

The end of a long day in the debriefing room

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