Friday, December 10, 2010

The Chancello Hotel on Union Square is the venue for the Union Square Business Improvement District Holiday Party

We were honored to host the Union Square Business Improvement District's Holiday Party on December 2nd. In prior years, we have hosted the Union Square Association's Holiday Party (which is now the Union Square BID) and even won an award in the category of Special Events from the California Hotel & Lodging Association. We really have a great time putting on this event and it is definitely one of the biggest things we do each year.

Skyy Vodka has been so generous as to donate their product and we serve FREE specialty drinks for the guests of the party. We use this opportunity to solicit tips of which 100% are for our Christmas Sponsor Family. Each year, we sponsor a family that is not as fortunate as we are so they can have a little better Christmas. We use the tips to buy some of the items on their wish list. Thanks to the members of the Union Square BID, we raised a couple hundred dollars for the family. We clear out the lobby, bar and restaurant and set up some cocktail tables and open the doors for a couple hundred people to come through and enjoy a little Holiday Cheer.
We also ask that the members of the Union Square BID bring some non-perishable food that we donate to the San Francisco Food Bank. I am happy to report that we received a few hundred pounds of food! Thank you.

It was a great night with lots of food, drink and great music.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Our own Bellman, Matt Van Hoorebeke is the Stars of the Industry Award Winner for Outstanding Lodging Employee of Year (medium size property)

The California Hotel & Lodging Association, the largest statewide lodging association in the country, held their Stars of the Industry Awards Luncheon and Annual Meeting of the Membership on December 1st in La Jolla, California. Our Bellman, Matt, was given the award for Outstanding Lodging Employee of the Year at a Medium Sized Property for 2010.

All of winners are pictured above

Matt has been with the Chancellor Hotel for 7 years. You will not find a better person for restaurant or drink suggestions in San Francisco. He knows the insider secrets and local favorites like no one else. The guests love him and he is mentioned on our guest comment cards all the time. We call him our quirky bellman.

Congratulations Matt!