Friday, September 30, 2011

Oracle Openworld is here!

Oracle Openworld is THE biggest thing in San Francisco. The hotels are full and the economic impact to the City is huge.

We welcome the attendees and thank them for coming to San Francisco.

One thing we do special for Oracleworld, because the event is so big and important is the closing of Howard Street.Howard Street between 3rd and 4th Streets which runs between Moscone North and South is tented. It is a small inconvenience for some drivers, but well worth any trouble considering what this event does for the local economy over the week.Another way many businesses show their appreciation for the folks that come to San Francisco for the Openworld event is the "Show your Badge and Save" offers. Attendees can show their badge and receive discounts at restaurants and more. We are proud that Luques Restaurant and Bar located inside the Chancellor Hotel is participating in that program. You can use the link here to check all of the Union Square offers.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Bold Italic now available to guests at the Chancellor Hotel on Union Square

We are very honored to have the beta copies of The Bold Italic for our guests at the Chancellor Hotel on Union Square.

The Bold Italic is a new printed publication that highlights the truly local side of San Francisco. More and more, people that are visiting places want the local aspect of the place they are visiting. They want to act like locals, be with locals and know the local secrets. The Bold Italic serves that up in a fun and irreverent way. I went through the first issue and saw some great things that I can't wait to check out myself even though I am born and raised here. Other parts were making me laugh inside at some of the quirkier sides of San Francisco. There is a lot of great information for "Foodies" (I hate that term). I was thinking to myself, if I was visiting San Francisco and saw this publication, I would be so excited and disappointed at the same time. Excited because I am getting such great information that seems so unique, but disappointed that I would not have near enough time to do half of what I wanted to do.

Check out the website at:, but definitely pick it up at the hotel when you are visiting. You will really enjoy it.