Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Chancellor Hotel is Talking Trash!

The Chancellor Hotel management team visited Golden Gate Disposal to learn and understand waste reduction through recycling. Golden Gate Disposal's recycling and waste management is one of the largest in the country and state of the art.

First, we were outfitted with the fancy safety vests and glasses. Then we received our briefing on the facility at Pier 96 where the recycling is processed.

Below is the Chancellor Hotel Management Team in front of the trucks dumping the mixed material to be recycled.
It is very interesting to see the material come in and the sorting system they used. Once the material is sorted and separated, it is bailed and shipped off to the people that re-process it into new products.

We were treated to a nice lunch while we were shown videos on the waste disposal process. They also had a table (above left) of different materials where they quizzed us on how to make sure we dispose of it properly. Is it recycled, compost or garbage headed to the land fill? The idea is to divert as much material as possible from the land fill.
Some of the "garbage" and material from the land fill is turned into art. Above, Rick and Ollie are in the middle of the gallery.

It was a very fun and educational experience with the idea of making people think about what they are throwing away and what happens to it after that. The Chancellor Hotel is committed to doing what it can to help the environment by reducing its waste. We do care.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Destination Expert for San Francisco

I am honored that TripAdvisor invited me to be a "Destination Expert" for San Francisco. I have been posting on the San Francisco Forum since 2004 and really enjoy it. I have seen it change a lot since the beginning, but I have a great time helping people maximize their visit to the City. I really want people to have a great time on their visit and I hope I can help.

Please feel free to email me at anytime about any hotel or questions. I will give you the best information I can - honestly and directly.