Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don't Get Held Up at Hotels - By the USAToday

To avoid trouble when using cards at hotels:
Use a credit card. Unless you're up against your credit limit, a hold won't affect your ability to charge more. A hold on a debit card is like you've written a check; that money isn't available until the hold is lifted, and that could take a week.
Know when you will be billed. Some lodgings, particularly in vacation destinations, charge for one or more nights when you make your reservation. You may be paying for the room before you sleep in it.
Ask what the hotel plans to do. Will it put a hold for a certain amount for incidentals on the card you present at check-in or merely keep a card imprint until you check out? If you're using a debit card, make sure you have extra money in your account to cover holds.
To see when a hold is released, contact the bank that issued your card. Occasionally, you may have to push a hotel to lift a hold as soon as possible.
Source: USA TODAY research

Thought this was great information. Speaking from experience, debit cards are NOT good for travel use. Pre-use authorizations can be done by gas stations and car rental agencies as well as others.

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Anonymous said...

Its good to know. In the UK its not so common to have holds put on credit cards so it can be a bit of a shock to us Brits. Not everyone has credit cards (sometimes it just to avoid debt) but those who travel should really think about getting one for their travel expenses.