Friday, July 26, 2013

New Guest Room Feature

New room power options
As the Chancellor Hotel on Union Square approaches its 100th birthday, we continue to try and work modern technology into a building that was built in a time when there was hardly even electricity in many places.
When electricity did become a mainstay of our lives, electrical sockets were hidden and placed low around the floor boards.
Now, people want to see electrical outlets and have a lot of them very accessible for all of the electrical gadgets they travel with and live by.  Well, we are happy to report...
Problem Solved!
We are in the process of installing new 3 outlet power supplies that include two USB power slots in every room right on the desk.  Now our guests can easily plug in their phones, tablets, laptops, games or whatever they want without crawling on the floor and behind furniture.
Power to the people.  Enjoy!

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