Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

We just concluded our annual employee pumpkin carving contest and Mao is the winner again!

I think Mao has another career if he decides to give up waiting on tables. He carves a mean pumpkin.

We gave any employee interested in participating a pumpkin to carve and put them out in the lobby for several days leading up to Halloween. We put ballots out and guests and visitors voted for their favorite pumpkin. We gave cash prizes for the top three vote getters.

Thank you for participating!

The front desk ladies got into the spirit and dressed up a front desk kittens

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Felix Stendahl said...

What an exciting contest! How many contestants joined this event? Was it hard to manage this kind of contest? I think it was quite challenging, but it seems like everything went smoothly. I’m pretty sure many creative individuals showcase their carving talent here. How was this year’s contest?