Monday, May 30, 2011

Well, I thought it was going too smoothly to be true...Houston, we have a problem.

A few items are now delayed and rather than do a partial conversion from old to new, we are going to wait until everything is ready at the same time for the installation. Thus, we are now looking at July 6th for the change-over. In the mean time, we have a fleshly painted lobby and shiny floors with our old furniture. It actually looks pretty nice, but on July 6th, we'll put the icing on the cake and it will be beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it will be great, but I'm hoping to come on June 16-19. Will the renovation be a problem?

Wes Tyler GM said...

No, not at all. Currently we have the lobby fully set up and functional, just with furniture that is ready to be replaced. As far as anybody could tell, it looks like a beautiful lobby with furniture that is not as new looking.