Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Chancellor Hotel does not have air conditioning

One thing that still seems to catch people by surprise (much to my surprise) is the fact that we do not have air conditioning. I don't know how people can book us, and not know that we do not have air conditioning, since every website has that information posted. It is also mentioned in probably 95% of our reviews on TripAdvisor. A quick perusal of reviews would clearly provide that information about us...but it keeps happening. What is not fair is when people book us knowing we do not have air conditioning and if they get caught in one of our rare heat waves, they get upset with us.

San Francisco does get about 15 days per year when it gets warm and air conditioning would be helpful. However, it does cool down at night and the heat rarely lasts longer than 2-3 days in row.

That said, even if we did have air conditioning, there still is no guarantee that everyone would be happy. I have seen many cases where the air conditioning was inadequate and people were still unhappy. It did not cool the room enough, it was broken or even when it was working properly, people still were not cool enough. The reality is, we would probably get the same number of complaints if we had air conditioning as we do without it. Thus, with our climate, the fact that we would get some complaints regardless of whether we had air conditioning or not, and it is much better for the environment, we do not plan on having air conditioning anytime soon...or ever.

If the thought of getting caught in one of our heat waves without air conditioning would ruin your trip, don't risk it. Book another hotel that has air conditioning - it's better for everyone.


Tony said...

How about a heater?

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