Friday, June 5, 2009

Cable Car gets its bell rung

The 47th annual Cable Car Bell Ringing Contest is going to held on Tuesday, June 9 at 12:00 pm in Union Square. As the board president of the Union Square Association this year, I am lucky enough to get to be a judge.

However, when I was walking past the cable car turn-around yesterday, I saw a taxi that couldn't wait for the big event. I don't know what it was doing at the cable car turn-around area because it is off limits to automobile traffic, but hit a cable car and rung its bell.

If you don't want to ram a cable car but would like to hear a bell get rung, come check out the big event. The contest will feature two competitions: one for local media and community representatives; and another for cable car Gripmen and Conductors. Cable car crew members will face-off for the chance to be the World Champion Cable Car Bell Ringer. Defending champion Leonard Oats will compete against six challengers.


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