Monday, February 16, 2009

Nice guest note with pictures

A guest of ours sent me the following note with some pictures, and I thought I would share the note and pictures with everyone. It really is nice and uplifting when people do things like this.


Dear Mr. Tyler,

Enclosed please see the photo album and please pass it to your staff. I had a wonderful staying in Chancellor Hotel and most of your hotel staff are very helpful.

Matt is a character and very cheerful!!! Rory and Michael M. at the front desk are
very helpful. The most funny thing was the last day of my staying, I found Rory working at the hotel bar. :) So I had to take a pix of him.

Susan, Alicia, Lawrence, Harris, a black guy who handles housekeeping~ they are wonderful.

For sure, I am looking forward to staying in your hotel if I go to SF in the near future.

Take care and have a nice day!

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