Monday, November 3, 2008

Tub Overflow - It Happened Again!

Despite our warning on the back of the registration cards that everyone signs that says that the tubs will overflow if left unattended when running, and it will cost you $1,000.00 for repairs, AND we have a bright yellow sign over the tub faucets with a warning as well, it happened again! The guest didn't even tell us about his tub overflowing. Luckily, the building engineer was making his morning rounds and discovered a wet carpet in the hallway outside the room. The water was all the way into the hallway outside the room and across the room to the far window.
We have to pull all the furniture out and remove the carpeting to dry the room. The room just below was only damaged slightly, thankfully. It was a fun Monday for the maintenance and housekeeping departments!

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