Tuesday, June 3, 2008

46th Annual Cable Car Bell Ringing Competition

The Union Square Association is a major sponsor of the San Francisco Municipal Railway Cable Car Bell Ringing Competition and as this year's president of the board of directors for the association, I was given the honor of being a judge for the contest.

There are two parts to the event. First there is an amateur contest for charity and then the professionals do their thing.

The amateurs are creative and can have great latitude with their performances. Everyone was judged on style, rhythm and originality.

Above, the contestant rang the bell to a rap song skit where the dancers were playing gripmen flirting with a lady. Instead of being gripmen, they were dancing. This dancer was spinning on his head, which was amazing. They won the amateur contest.

Deb Durst the MC for the event

Mayor Gavin Newsom was on hand to witness the great event. The judges, including me, Tom Sweeney the famous Beefeater Doorman and Fire Chief Joanne Hayes White are seated behind him.

The Winner, Leonard Oats - 2 years in a row!

Nathaniel Ford is joined by key staff and the three
winners of the 2008 competition: Leonard Oats (1st),
Ken Lunardi (2nd) and Bryon Cobb (3rd)

A group shot of the judges

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