Monday, August 12, 2013

TripAdvisor Hotel Reviews in San Francisco

The Chancellor Hotel has just hit 3,000 traveler reviews on TripAdvisor! 


Our first review was posted on January 3, 2002 and it was not a very good one.  I first discovered TripAdvisor in November 2003 when a guest booking a reservation told me that they found us on TripAdvisor.  I looked at the site and was horrified to see the negative comment.  I remembered the guest and situation so I immediately wanted to post a response so both sides of the story could be heard and the rest is history.

TripAdvisor is a funny animal.  On one hand it provides great information to people and on the other hand some use it as a "get even" tool when they are angry at the establishment.  Most people see right through the angry posts, but if the hotel is trying to maintain a ranking, it is really a snarky act.

Thank you (most) everyone that has reviewed us and I look forward to our next 1,000 reviews.


Brett Nelson said...

I discovered the Chancellor Hotel from Trip Adviser back in September 2008. Stayed again six months later in March 2009. And loved it (and my stay) both times. As of recently, I've been planning another trip to San Francisco with my mother.

It's a special trip (from September 11th to the 16th) because the last time she was there was 39 years ago when she was pregnant with me. So I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees all the shopping! When planning our trip, she was hesitant about where to stay. I told her that I already have it covered and that we would be staying at the Chancellor. It will be my third time and her first staying at the hotel.

So Congrats on the 3,000 traveler reviews on TripAdvisor! Without it, I would have never discovered such a great hotel.

Ramon said...

This is awesome!

Harry Ozturk said...

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yourcyberhelper said...

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Seamus Lowe said...

This looks like a great place to stay. I've been looking at different hotels in San Francisco, CA to stay at when I travel out there and this looks like a candidate.