Friday, August 7, 2009

Karma in action...

Yesterday, a Berkeley Farms delivery truck was parked in front of the hotel while it was delivering to Border's Books next door.

Of course, the truck was not supposed to be parked in the white passenger loading zone, so their may have been a little Karma payback to them as well. It is when trucks violate the law and use the white zone for their commercial use that we run out of space and guests have to circle the block, but that's another story.

This story is about people getting what they deserve. In this case, the driver was delivering to Border's and he did not lock his truck. Up the street comes a clumsy thief and he decides to go into the truck and take a case of orange juice. Unfortunately, the thief forgot there was a step down out of the truck and fell face first onto the sidewalk. The Orange Juice splattered all over the sidewalk and he must have been in pain.

He got up, closed the door of the truck and strolled away.

Thief - Nothing but pain
Berkeley Farms - short one case of OJ

Remember...lock your car and do not leave valuables visible.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see any Krama here. Someone was hurt by looking at the pictures and your silly comments. And you have no idea what drivers go through each day trying to find a spot to park to service San Francisco. So until you are in our shoes keep your comments to yourself.....Krama in action, what a poor example.