Thursday, August 21, 2008

TripAdvisor's Traveling Movie Tour Comes to San Francisco

They had a kids luggage donation station, a booth of computers to enter to win a Roman Holiday and a very nice lounge with great food, movie treats and drinks. They really did it right.

There was a huge screen in Union Square. You can see the Chancellor in the background. I thought about trying to get them to turn the screen to face the Chancellor so our guests could watch the movie from their rooms, but I figured they wouldn't like my idea.

The TripAdvisor Owl was wondering around taking pictures with people. He's fatter in person.

Above is the lounge they had set up.

Here is the movie in progress. Several hundred people had a great time watching a classic travel themed movie in the Square. The night was actually pretty comfortable. Often times the cool fog and wind rolls in, but not this time. It was a great night!

I still think they should have turned the screen toward the Chancellor!

Thanks TripAdvisor!

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