Monday, April 28, 2008

The Coldest Winter I Spent Was a Summer in San Francisco...

Mark Twain never said that, but someone who knows what they are talking about did. As we approach Summer time, the age old question about air conditioning, or our lack there of, keeps coming up. Here is a piece I wrote for the TripAdvisor Inside Pages on the topic. I hope it helps some people make the right decision.

Air conditioning in San Francisco?
In San Francisco, air conditioning is not present in many of the residences, offices, theaters as well as older, boutique style hotels. According to, the warmest month on average is September with an average high of 71°F and low of 56°F. San Francisco gets about 15 days per year with a temp over 90°F. (5 times per year, 3 days per time) April can see some of those days, May can see some of those days and September, October and even November can see some of those days. They can also occur during any of the months in between. Typically, there are not more than 3 over 90 degree days in a row. By the 4th day of high temps, the fog gets sucked into the Bay Area and things cool down with the natural air conditioning provided by the ocean. The odds of you selecting one of the "rare" periods of high temps is actually pretty low. Most importantly, even in the heat waves, it always cools down at night. People will find that the lack of A/C is not an issue 99.9% of the time. If air conditioning is important to you, double check the hotel, because not everyone has it. Also, do a search on the TripAdvisor Forum for "air conditioning" and you will see a lot of discussion on this topic.

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