Friday, January 18, 2008

This is not a Joke.

Are you ready for this one? The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have put an initiative on the February Ballot in San Francisco to ask the voters if it should be the policy of the City to buy Alcatraz from the U.S. Government and turn it into a "Global Peace Center." Here is the actual proposition:

Proposition C Adopting a Policy that the City Acquire Alcatraz Island to Make it a Global Peace Center -- City and County of San Francisco (Initiative Policy Delaration - Majority Approval Required to Pass)
Shall it be City policy that the City should explore and facilitate the acquisition of Alcatraz Island from the United States Government to transform it into a Global Peace Center?

This is no joke.

The San Francisco political leaders are so out of touch with reality that they want to take the #1 tourist attraction and turn it into a Global Peace Center. Now, I am not against peace, but give me a break! What's next, get rid of the cable cars? I am sure there is no way this could ever really happen, but when the City Government takes the time to do this type of thing and thinks it's a good idea, makes me wonder. But, I guess that is part of the reason San Francisco is the "special" place that it is. Come see for yourself.

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