Friday, December 7, 2007

We try

This time of year, we get a lot of special requests from our guests and everyone arrives early and departs late. We have many folks who come year after year and want a particular room or location. We have others that come with friends and family that want several rooms together. Sometimes, we have requests for several rooms together, on a particular floor in a particular location. That's tough to deliver, but we take the request and do our best. No hotel tries to honor every request more than the Chancellor. It takes a lot of people to coordinate together and insure a lot of steps are followed. However, the bottom line is that a request is a request and there is no way any hotel can actually guarantee a particular room, location and the like. The fact is, there are too many variables that are out of a hotel's control. A simple example is that a request can be noted on a reservation, the room pre-blocked for the guest and everything in order for the guest's arrival only to have a major maintenance issue cause that room to become unrentable the day of arrival. People have said, "but I made my reservation months ago!" Unfortunately, everything can be in perfect order right up to the day of arrival, then something goes wrong. If the other rooms that meet the requested criteria are already occupied, there is nothing that can be done. Unfortunately, people don't check out as scheduled, rooms get damaged, maintenance issues can occur and there are a lot of opportunities for human error. Please understand we are doing our best and failure to honor a request is NEVER from lack of trying.

Another issue is the 3pm check in time. If a guest wants to check in by 3pm, we will guarantee it. We will nearly always have a room available for a 3pm check in. However, if a guest has requested a particular room, location, etc., the 3pm check in guarantee does not apply. If a guest wants a room, we will provide a great room for check in by 3pm. If a guest has some specific requests, that changes the deal and our ability to honor the requests may require extra time. However, the choice is always the guests'.

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