Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Welcome to my new Blog. I am the general manager of the Chancellor Hotel on Union Square. I have been at the hotel since 1993. I am an active participant on TripAdvisor, however, with the restrictions and rules they apply to the hotel side, I wanted to have another format to openly discuss the joys and frustrations of being a hotel manager. I hope you enjoy my thoughts.

Serving people has got to be one of the most interesting things that can be done as a career. Everyone is unique in this world. - - The servers and the serve -ees. - - What is right or wrong, liked or disliked is only in the mind of the people being served and the people providing the service. Matching our service and product with the likes and dislikes of our guests is the challenge we face every day. Not only is it difficult to meet the expectations (the likes and dislikes) of all these unique people, but we have to do it without making a mistake. That is impossible. I have yet to meet the perfect person - the one who never makes a mistake. Thus, there is not a more imperfect situation than people serving people. This Blog will be the story of us dealing with this imperfect situation.


Chris said...

Really interesting reading your blog. Looking forward to our Trip at New Year!

Bonnie said...

It is really reassuring to see someone who cares about customer feedback and reviews. Your replies on the tripadvisor forum actually convinced me to book with you and we are now staying with you at the end of August. I look forward to reading your blog on the run up to our trip.